Welcome to our winery!

Dear friends of our wines,

2020: From the point of view of the grapes, certainly a far less spectacular year than for all of us. The vines sprouted early in the spring – a risk of frost damage, which however remained moderate. A dry, not too hot summer with occasional heavy thunderstorms, on the autumn straight a high physiological grape ripeness. We were able to drive home top quality, with a slightly below average yield. Now it is up to us to make the very best of the promising musts and young wines in steel and wood.

2020, meanwhile we have bottled our single vineyard wines vintage 2019 and red wines 2017. We expressly recommend tasting and purchasing for very good reasons.

2020 and the trial packages: The C-year changed many habits. We would have loved to have tasted the fresh 19s here with you in spring! Did not go; Instead, we offered you sample packages of 6 with estate or local wines, which were very popular. That helped us a lot over the "dry spell". You obviously liked it and we want to keep such thematic packages. We are now replacing the two previous packages with two new ones, which also contain filled wines in the meantime.

Best regards

Keßler family