Dear friends of our wines,

More than small talk for us: talking about the weather. Because Mother Nature's climate department plays a decisive role in the success of our noble endeavour! We notice that after a long, cold winter, the nights are still very cool in March. There was plenty of rain in January and February. And with it came a greeting from the Sahara in mid-March. This phenomenon is called “blood rain”, which colours the sky yellow and brings with it the finest desert dust. Shortly afterwards it slowly became spring-like and with the spring blossom the hope grew that this year we will be spared late frosts, the water balance will be finely dosed and a well-tempered summer will again give us a larger harvest than in 2021.

More of a stopgap for us: online tastings. We call our surprisingly successful format “Münzberg fer dehääm”. Via “Zoom”, our now sizeable community regularly meets our winemaking trio Friedrich, Nico and Florian. The latter not only ensures good humour in front of the screens with his witty and humorous presentation. No, the glass is always filled with interesting wines from the Münzberg and from fellow vintners from Austria, South Tyrol or … Last but not least, the live cooking programme turns the conference call into a holistic culinary event to which the best circles of friends gather on Friday evenings at seven to get ready for the weekend in the best possible way. There is no better way to use “media time”! The next season will follow after the 2022 harvest, so drop us a line if you'd like to have a look and a taste then, too.

More costs for us too: list prices up. Energy, glass, labels, packaging, freight, diesel … everything is more expensive. On top of that, the low yield in 2021 with high labour input. Please forgive us for not being able to relieve your financial budget at the moment. The shipping costs are also going up: to 10.80 euros per package with 1/2/3/4/6/9/12 boxes. As before, the good news at the end of this paragraph is that we deliver free of shipping costs for orders over 150 EUR. At Falstaff:

More points for the Münzberg. In the current Falstaff Trophy Weißburgunder, the ratings of three Münzberg Pinots with 92/94/94 points show that we are on the right track. So we look forward to welcoming you again soon at a tasting or even a “normal” farm festival. This new price list should give you a taste of the freshly filled, fruit-driven 2021s and wonderfully matured Münzberg wines.

See you soon!

Your Münzberg Team

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