Dear friends of our wines,

With spring, our imagination also blossoms. What we imagine when we close our eyes and inhale the scent of the ground and the
and inhale the scent of the ground and the spring flowers, is decidedly unspectacular. We dream that after
the relatively mild winter, the April weather, which started already in March, now this so quite moderate beginning of vegetation
continues. With well-dosed precipitations, which our soils need so urgently. Without late frosts,
which could damage our young grapevine shoots. Rather without these sudden, early heat waves,
which would make for overly timed growth. No, it should remain quite normal, then everything will be fine.

With the 23 comes the organic label on the bottles. De facto, our wines have long been organic. But the grapes that are now
are the first that we can actually and officially declare as such. Our usual
nature-loving way of working on the Münzberg is now also certified and recognized with letter and seal as sustainable.
This is not a big deal for us, but it should be mentioned at this appropriate place.

Still without a price, but certainly worth the price: 2021 Chardonnay Stahlbühl. Up to the printing of this list the internal price
price negotiations had not yet been concluded. The yield of this classic from the first vineyard was so low that we had to
that we are still unsuccessfully calculating the selling price. One thing is certain: For the money you will certainly get
a lot of wine for the money.

Make a note of it: The dates over the year 2023. All good opportunities for a personal reunion with wine:
1st vintage tasting from May 18 to 20, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Please also see our extra.
2nd Courtyard Festival on September 2 and 3, 2023. The family wine get-together for our customers, which also offers culinary delights. Post to follow.
3. the night of the open wineries at the Mittelhaardt. On November 11 also with us.

Onlinetasting remains! Twice a year, in spring and after the harvest, the popular format will continue. Born out of
Born out of necessity, it has developed directly into a cult event. The fan community learns on December 1, 2023 wines from the
Karl Schäfer winery, which we put alongside our own. Cooking together and talking shop will round off the
plate and the evening round. More information on our homepage and in due course by mailing.
Cordial invitation: Also to your very own wine tasting here with us.

We are looking forward to meeting you here!

Gunter and Friedrich Keßler and the Münzberg-team

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