About us

Our winery – expression of regional culture

Northeast, directly on the city boundaries of Landau the "small regional metropolis", lies Godramstein, a typical Palatinate winegrowing village. Idyllically situated, surrounded by vineyards, with a view of the southern foothills of the Haardt and the deep green horizon of the Palatinate Forest.

When you leave the village centre in a north-westerly direction, you will quickly find a well-kept cultivated landscape, characterised by gentle hills and fruit trees, which bloom lavishly in glowing beauty around spring, and of course by vines. It is here where you will find our vineyard Münzberg, whose name is derived from coins that were found from the Roman era.

Jakob Kessler, Lothar Kessler´s grandfather recognized the value of the land and bought one of the vineyards of the site Münzberg at the end of the previous century. Lothar Kessler went on to develop the vineyard and in 1974 decided to move to the Münzberg and build the family estate and business premises showing his commitment and dedication to this region. Here you find our winery in the middle of the vineyards. This way is how life, culture and work unite for us; this is what shapes us, our philosophy and our respect for nature that surrounds us every day.