Gunter Keßler

He is the one who holds the threads together and from whose experience we can all learn every day. He began his training as a winemaker in 1980 and successfully completed his master's degree in 1986. Afterwards, he went to Tuscany in Bella Italia to experience not only plenty of sunshine and good food, but also the ageing of Chianti wines and to gain experience in the use of small wooden barrels (barrique). He returned to the Palatinate with many impressions and has now been in charge of the family winery for 32 years. He has every speciality or difficulty of the past vintages at his fingertips. Gunter has always attached great importance to the respectful treatment of nature - which is becoming increasingly important in today's world.
He is present everywhere in the winery. As the big boss, he has the overview and is always on the spot. He finds working with the tractor or forklift truck relaxing. He lives VDP values such as tradition, passion and striving for quality and passes them on to the entire team.


Friedrich Keßler

For Friedrich, tradition & passion, values that are firmly rooted in the profession of winemaker, play a decisive role. Equally, he is driven by a passion for top quality. For this reason, the decision to apply for the Bachelor's degree in Viticulture & Oenology was made very quickly. In 2020, he successfully completed it and now devotes his full attention to the family winery. Before he turned his full attention to his own business, he gained experience in the development of high-quality wines at several wineries. He learned in Rheinhessen at the Wittmann winery and in Baden at the Huber winery in Malterdingen. Outside of Germany, he moved to Bolzano to the Unterganzner estate and to New Zealand to the Fromm winery. With many impressions and experiences in his luggage, he has been back in his home country since 2020 to continue the winemaking craft in the 4th generation. He attaches great importance to teamwork and has set himself the personal goal of maintaining the winery's striving for quality and continuing to focus on the development of Burgundy wines.


Florian Werner

Since 2017, Florian has been pouring our wines at events, at wine tastings inside and outside Germany. He is responsible for the external perception here at Münzberg and does it with ease. He is on the road all over Germany throughout the year, representing our winery. Always with a snappy saying on his lips, he creates an uncomplicated atmosphere within his environment. But he also keeps us in a good mood here on site and often enriches us with culinary highlights. There are no limits to his creativity and variety of delights. A wine and gourmet connoisseur through and through, whom we would not want to miss.


Nico Keßler

Since 2008, he has been a loyal soul of our winery and we can't imagine life without him. With his broad knowledge as a technician for viticulture and oenology, he is the leading figure in the cellar as well as the outside operation. From grapes to must and finally wine. From pressing to filtering and bottling. Every wine and every step is given 100% of his attention. His years of experience and close cooperation with the team and nature give each vintage its own individuality - always in keeping with the Münzberg style.


Katharina Weisenburger

Since 2013, she has been responsible for all office tasks as well as on-site sales and shipping. In addition to packing parcels and website work, Katharina can often be found labelling, which for our Pinot Sekt, for example, requires delicate hands. ⠀
As a trained hotel manageress, she knew quite early on that being with people suits her. "Wine is a very sociable product with a lot of history and stories. It connects, unites tradition and progress! I feel comfortable in this environment and want to be part of it." ⠀


Margarete Keßler

A few years ago, Margarete passed the vineyard on to the next generation and is still very active. As a tradition, she and her "girl gang" cultivate our vineyards in all weathers every spring. She herself drives the tractor with four other ladies in the trailer out into the field and without further ado the vines are bent there in the desired direction, tied up and trained accordingly. In autumn, of course, she cannot be absent, where she harvests the grapes just as quickly and accurately as the youth. During Advent, her kitchen smells of delicious pastries which she bakes for the whole team every year. Her experience is enormously valuable to us and a long-standing tradition that we, as a family business, continue to maintain and pass on.