Vinification - the core of our quality philosophy

In the cellar we complete what nature has begun. Every single berry has preserved, what we are looking for in our wines: the fruitiness, fullness, aroma, finesse and playful vitality. The art of the winemaker is simply to uphold the good qualities of the grape. We winemakers can be regarded as the “conductors” helping in the transformation process of the grapes to wines as gently as possible. Every single intervention in this process may disturb the natural harmony, therefore we try to avoid any interruption and focus on providing the right environment: essentially enough rest and suitable temperatures.

For optimal fermentation and storage barrels and tanks are the only things that our must and yeasts need. Admittedly, it all depends on many small details. Temperature, fermentation time, yeasts, tapping, filtration, bottling, even the choice of closures all contribute to ensuring that the bottle turns out just the way we had planned. This is done by using modern technology and the greatest of care. The white wines and their fresh and lively characteristics ferment and mature primarily in steel tanks. On the other hand, the red wines and Chardonnays receive their spicy and aromatic characteristic from aging in wooden barrels, sometimes in small oak barriques.

Refinement in barrique. If it is beneficial to the wine, we support its natural characteristics by ageing in oak. This has to be skilfully learned as aroma and taste should form a harmonious unity. For this reason, we have some of our barriques made from Palatinate oak.