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Next dates and events in 2022


6 pm

Lucullan wine tasting with the “5 Winzer 5 Freunde” in the restaurant Storchennest in Zweibrücken – more info on
30.01.2023 MÜNZBERG-Lagentour at “Der Weinlobbyist” in Berlin – for trade visitors only
6.02.2023 MÜNZBERG-Lagentour together with the winery “Dr. Bürklin-Wolf” at “Weinpunkt Köln” – for trade visitors only
20.02.2023 MÜNZBERG-Lagentour at “Hanselounge” Hamburg – for trade visitors only
27.02.2023 MÜNZBERG-Lagentour at “Der Raum” München – for trade visitors only
3. bis 5. März 2023 Kitchen party with the “5 Winzer 5 Freunde” in the restaurant Schneider in Dernbach – further information and reservation under


7 pm

MÜNZBERG fer Dehääm” online-tasting “Baden and Burger” – order your trial-box here